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Monday, November 7, 2011

Should I?

Should I hug you when i need you?

Should I kiss you when i want to?

Should I miss you when there is no one to be miss?

Should I care about you if you got any problem?

Should I be with you when u need me?

Is itLove must always be like that huh?

Sometimes, love is so Irritating ! Make me so piss off!

Sometimes,love is good, Cheer me up !

So? How to make love balance in this world also in Hereafter?

For me.

Love, no need to contact all the time .

Just Honest,Faithful, and Believe each other.

That's will be okay. Its okay if the person is me la. I dont know what about anyone else.

Only my opinion..

Just Remember. Good Friends always remind you to Allah.

So, to you Nur Farhah,

Remember this. I bukan tak ingat you. tp I need to face more bigger problem now.
Just wait little bit more okay? Sure, I will sing for you, smile with you and happy with you soon.. Okay?
Tak ada orang lain pun dapat ganti you taw dak! hehe. [Mesti dah tahu ni kan! HAHA]

By the way, Salam Eid Adha. lambat sikit wish. Hehe.

Satu lagi.. Tahniah result yg Gempak ! hehe.. Next year tunggu hadiah eh. HAHA! insyaALLAH..

I dah tunaikan janji I . then i bukan seorang yg mungkir janji eh. Hehe.

Okay. Take care dear, hope to see you soon! Take care putih jugak taw ! Hehe.. Love you !

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  1. farhah untung gilakkk! :):)
    Long distance relationships are one of the hardest to maintain,but trusting your partner brings your relationship one step closer. hehe.